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PurifAI is a monthly subscription-based service that uses AI Deep Learning enhanced video analytics to eliminate false/nuisance alarms before they reach your central monitoring operations and/or your smart phones for self monitoring. The patented cloud-based service receives video motion alarms from any source (new or existing cameras, DVRs, NVRs, other video analytics, motion sensors), and reassess them using cutting-edge AI technology to filter out false/nuisance alarms. Only those alarms that pass the AI filtering are forwarded to your central monitoring software, SMS, and/or email, on your smart phone. False/nuisance alarms are logged, but not forwarded so you don’t have to waste time looking at them.


PurifAI is offered by PureTech Systems, Inc., a privately owned technology corporation established in 2004 that develops, markets, and supports its patented location-based AI video analytics and detection sensor integration software, PureActiv©, for real time safety and security applications.  The company’s software improves situational awareness with AI video analytics, sensor integration and information fusing for automated real-time event detection and forensic video content analysis with primary emphasis on automated intrusion detection and camera tracking for borders and coastlines, facility perimeters and critical infrastructures (pipelines, railroads, dams, bridges, airports, seaports, utilities, power plants, and military bases). PureTech also provides its AI Video Analytics for false alarm reduction for firms that provide Video Central Station Monitoring.

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