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Up to 95% False/Nuisance Alarm Reduction for Self & Central Monitoring

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95% Fewer False Alarms


Reduce OpEx




PurifAI is a monthly SaaS that uses AI Deep Learning enhanced video analytics to eliminate false/nuisance alarms before they reach your central monitoring operations and/or your smart phones for self monitoring.

Why PurifAI?

Dramatically Scale Business
Faster Alarm Response
Works with Video Motion Alarms

Increased Employee Satisfaction

False/Nuisance Alarm Rejection Through AI Video Analytics

With over 15 geospatial computer-vision patents, boosted with cutting edge AI/ML technology, trained with more than 18 years of surveillance video, PurifAI™ provides central and self monitoring operators with only auto-verified alarms. False/nuisance alarms will no longer encumber operators.

Water Droplets on Lens

Camera Shaking

Lighting Changes

Vegetation Moving in the Wind


How it Works

PurifAI Architecture Diagram (1).png

The patented cloud-based service receives video motion alarms from any source (new or existing cameras, DVRs, NVRs, other video analytics, motion sensors), and reassess them using cutting-edge AI technology to filter out false/nuisance alarms. Only those alarms that pass the AI filtering are forwarded to your central monitoring software, SMS, and/or email, on your smart phone. False/nuisance alarms are logged, but not forwarded so you don’t have to waste time looking at them.

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